Sister Club(s): Boys and Girls Club of Trinidad and Tobago

Key focus areas: Health & Life Skills, Crime Prevention Awareness, Character Development and Leadership

Our long-term goal is to improve the quality of life of the communities in Trinidad and Tobago through Crime Prevention Awareness, Character Development and Leadership, and Health and Life Skills. Below are the highlights of some of our projects geared toward community development in rural communities of Trinidad and Tobago.

  1. Character Development and Leadership

    Character development, one of the main foundations of Boys and Girls Clubs, has greatly improved youth development through educational programs that give emphasis on becoming a responsible, better, and caring citizens. Heavily geared towards youth empowerment and development, our after school programs give highlights on the personal growth of each individual through youth mentorship.

    Leading the youth towards achieving a positive outlook in life, we inspire and lead them to respect and care for the others especially the elderly and authority. Laying out carefully the difference between right and wrong, these young minds get to improve and enhance their character through this solid foundation leading them to grow up with a strong persona.

  2. Crime Prevention Awareness

    On a mission to eradicate rampant vicious crimes on the streets of Trinidad and Tobago, we have provided the community a comprehensive, detailed program that gives emphasis on Crime Prevention Awareness.

    By providing a safe environment for the youth, we allow them to actively participate in our educational programs while learning something new everyday. In an effort to educate the youth on the dangers of the street crimes, through our educational programs, we help limit the possibility of these children to get persuaded to join gangs on the streets. At an early stage we can begin to train the youths proper social skills in an effort to steer them toward the direction of the good life. Our programs can greatly influence the youth to know the difference between right and wrong.

  3. Health & Life Skills

    Our goal is to educate the community toward a healthy lifestyle. With our wide-ranging programs, we can help improve the quality life of the community. Teaching them proper ways of  sanitation and hygiene, as well as providing them enough information about proper nutrition, we can help eliminate diseases rampant in the community.