Sister Club(s): Boys and Girls Club of Nigeria

Key focus areas: Health & Life Skills, Crime Prevention Awareness, Character Development and Leadership

Our long-term goal is to improve the quality of life of the communities in Nigeria through Crime Prevention Awareness, Character Development and Leadership, and  Health and Life Skills.

Below are the highlights of some of our projects geared toward community development in rural communities in Nigeria.

  1. Character Development and Leadership

    Boys and Girls Clubs of Nigeria focus on developing youth’s character and leadership skills. In an effort to shape and mold young minds on becoming the next future leader of the nation, our program is heavily geared towards personal growth with the main focus on integrity, honesty, initiative, and compassion. We teach young minds at an early stage proper social skills and interpersonal skills to enhance and improve their interaction among the people of the community.

  2. Crime Prevention Awareness

    In an effort to eliminate rampant, street crimes, we help educate families in the community on the importance of education. Through proper education, we help them understand the existence of the abundant opportunities that await them only if they apply everything they learn in schools. On a mission to help the youth widen their learning horizons, we allow them to think proactively and steer their path toward the a good life devoid of illegal activities.

  3. Health & Life Skills

    On a mission to educate the community to live a better life, we educate them on proper ways of sanitation and hygiene. Through this, the families in the community get educated about proper ways of waste disposal, hazards of contaminated food and drink, and proper nutrition and diet. To combat rampant diseases present in the community, we provide them a comprehensive, detailed program heavily geared toward a clean and sanitary environment.