Sister Club(s): Boys and Girls Club of Hungary

Key focus areas: English Language Acquisition and Immersion

On a mission to enhance and improve the quality of English as the second language in Hungary, Boys and Girls Centers provide after school programs geared toward English Language Acquisition. Highlighting significant benefits of after school activities, these centers provide various programs geared towards youth development. Below is the highlight our project geared toward community development in rural communities of Hungary.


  1. English Language Acquisition and Immersion

    Focusing heavily on the improvement of English language on the youth in Hungary, our program is armed with proven techniques and methodologies that can significantly enhance youth’s English skills. Backed by proven results, children who participated in our English language immersion, greatly improved their English skills. With our strong materials, these young minds continue to develop their linguistic skills. Supported by developed methodologies from a respected University, our centers provide foolproof English materials equipped with relevant contents that allow for the improvement of English language skills.
    Ensuring a well-conducive environment, these youths are provided with a healthy, positive, and safe setting where they can fully reach their potential and grow. Creating a fun and loving environment, our after-school programs centers provide rooms for highly engaging and interactive participation among the youths.

  2. After School Activities/Programs

    Boys and Girls Clubs in Hungary heavily promote the positive effects of after school program. Geared towards youth development and advancement, these programs are composed of arts and drama, computer, sports, cooking skills.

    Arts and Drama
    Heavily focused on the creative side of the youth, arts and drama, involve appreciation for  visual arts, drawings, paintings, and canvasses, acting and expression of various emotions as a way of expressing oneself.

    On a mission to improve computer literacy, this after school program gives importance to technological advances rampant in this day and age. Because technology changes instantly, we can provide updated tools and materials that will help improve youth's knowledge about information  technology.

    Through recreational sports, youths can actively participate in this program to improve their social skills. In a safe and fun environment the youth can improve their athletic skills as well as their group interaction skills.

    Empowering youth independence, through our after school program, these youths can now learn the basic cooking skills and methods. Geared towards self-sufficiency through this cooking lessons, youth can now cook their own meals in the comforts of their parents’ kitchen. Our goal is to provide these children endless opportunities of education to better prepare them for their future. Giving emphasis on the positive effects of our programs, these young minds are trained at an early stage on self sufficiency and independence.