Sister Club(s): Boys and Girls Club of Gomoa Dago, Boys and Girls Club of Anomabo, Boys and Girls Club of Ekumfi

Key focus areas: Preventive Health, Education, Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship

To achieve our long term goal of community development we must first attend to the community basic needs such as, good health, education, empower the youth in leadership development and entrepreneurship skills. Below are the highlights of some of our projects geared toward community development in rural communities in Ghana.

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  1. Education First Initiative and Childhood/Youth Education Awareness

    These interventions are specifically designed as a primary prevention for prostitution, school dropout and poverty in the community of Gomoa Dago, Ghana. Children without education often fail to choose the right career path for themselves. With our program, we have established a mobile teaching method geared towards providing a better education to children on the streets.

    Our high school volunteers walk around the streets, at the beach and homes to teach out-of school children. To improve and increase their knowledge, we encourage their guardians or parents to enroll their children in our Boys & Girls Clubs. Offering free tutoring, vacation classes, mentoring and other after-school activities, our programs will empower and improve children’s education.

  2. Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative:

    The Unemployment rate is over 80% in the rural areas we serve. Through our new pilot Trade/Technical/Vocational Apprenticeship program, we provide endless opportunities for the youth to start their own businesses. To prevent the cycle of poverty, our supporters, volunteers and school staff have worked relentlessly campaigning on the values of education geared towards entrepreneurship. Thanks to our volunteers, supporters, teachers and parents improved understanding that good education is first for every child.

  3. Dedicated Youth Volunteers:

    Our activities in the villages in the last three years are all coordinated by our high school volunteers who have outstanding academic performances, leadership and community service. These young individuals are very resourceful and have the potential to become great future leaders in their communities, country, and globally. Highly skilled and talented, they are able to multitask and coordinate with our various  educational programs, mobile teaching/schooling, after-school programs, and church and community outreach projects simultaneously.  Observing how these young men and women have accepted their social responsibilities in their communities, every year, our team helps them with scholarship application to U.S universities.