Sister Club(s): BGC Perris
Key focus areas: Education Awareness, Youth Leadership and Character Development

Our long term goal is geared toward development and improvement of rural communities in El Salvador through Education Awareness and Leadership and Character development.  

Below are the highlights of some of our projects geared toward community development in rural communities in El Salvador.

  1. Education First Initiative and Childhood/Youth Education Awareness

    On a mission to improve realities of the community, Boys and Girls Clubs of El Salvador give emphasis on youth education awareness. Creating a strong foundation of education, our clubs provide opportunities for the families in the community to live a better life.

    To combat the viscous cycle of poverty, our interventions are equipped with tools and resources to educate the community on the power of entrepreneurial ventures. Introducing entrepreneurship to the community, we help them find opportunities for themselves to make a better living.

    Increasing awareness of youth education will prepare children in the community on the importance of learning new skills, techniques, and methods in life. At an early stage, teaching them the importance of education will train them to become effective and efficient citizens in all aspects of life.

  2. Youth Leadership and Character Development:

    The youth is the hope of humanity. Our character development and leadership program is equipped with tools and resources geared towards shaping young minds and molding future leaders. On a mission to prepare and guide the youth on their journey toward leading a nation, our program is heavily equipped with various different training skills directed to character development and personal growth.