Sister Club(s): Boys & Girls Clubs Capistrano Valley

Key focus areas: Educationo

The Colombo-American Education Foundation was founded to provide funds for the education of disadvantaged and poor children of Colombia; to help the children excel and improve their communities; to provide an enhanced quality of life by educating children to fight corruption and drugs; and to channel new and improved educational materials, equipment and visual aids to selected schools.

Community Outreach: 1200
Children Demographics:  
Gender:  84% boys & 16 % girls.
Ages:  • From 8 – 11years of age 23% • From 12 – 15 years of age 45% • From 16 – 18 years of age 32%.
Social Economic Status:
•100% of the boys and girls are young people that participate in the Reinaldo Matiz Boys & Girls Club are at extreme poverty, or level zero (0). Most of our children only have access to one meal per day and may of times the club provides their only daily meal.
Staff –Employees:
1 Director, 3 teachers, 2 full-time employees that overlook the children day/night activity, 2 psychology, and 1 nurse/health care. Colombian Project…Boys & Girls Clubs-Colombia BGCC