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The Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) is a youth center in Tortola that provides a positive place where children ages 8 to 16 can engage in meaningful activity and find support after school and during the summer.  YEP collaborates with community volunteers, other non-profit groups, and the BVI government to enrich the lives of young people, in particular those from the needy East End of Tortola, with activities such as sports, team building exercises, and environmental sciences.  YEP also provides help with homework, snacks, mentoring, and peer counseling.  Even before the hurricanes of 2017, YEP was seen by vulnerable youth within the community as a safe space or “second home,” one in which they could confide in trusted adults about all sorts of issues, including child abuse.  In fact, about 20% of YEP youth have approached staff to discuss physical or sexual abuse.  Our key areas of programming are in Education, Sports, Health and Life Skills, Creative Arts, Environmental and Cultural, Leadership Development and other specialized programs. YEP’s hosts year round programs for children, with free enrolment

 61% male  39% female

80%  of our YEPpies said that "YEP helps them do better in school."

72%  of our YEPies said that "YEp helps them feels less shy around adults."

Each summer we provide free activities for over 150 children

To date YEP has opened its doors to over 3,000 children.

YEP remains the only youth facility in the BVI since 2007