Making a Global Impact

The Global Impact Session was all about partnerships with US based Clubs, and International partners!  The best way to positively impact the lives of kids is, by doing it together! 

International Partners
Representatives from Mexico, Hungary and South Africa, presented on their current work, the impact and the potential for collaborative efforts.  Now more than ever, young people need to have a Global experience.  Whether it's through reading, researching or visiting, young people and Club professionals will have better opportunities if their minds are expanded.

Sister Club Opportunities
Boys & Girls Clubs in the US can support the efforts to expand the impact Clubs and Club like organizations have on youth.  As a Sister Club, a Club, can assist in exchange programs, where information, knowledge, tools and resources can be shared in a way that can allow both the Club and International partner organization to learn from each other!

Garden Pools
One of our Non-Profit partners is assisting the world with Sustainable Gardens. Visit to learn more about more innovative and better ways to grow food.